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Plaster Girdle
Reduce 2 SIZES in a just 2 WEEKS!


The cast girdle also known as yesoterapia is a revolutionary beauty alternative

Designed to lose inches in the abdomen. It eliminates your body fat without any risk to your health.
In addition to losing inches around your waist, the cast girdle also, nurtures and beautifies the skin. It is a natural non-invasive technique where the heat produced by the girdle opens the pores, increases the blood flow and stimulates the metabolic action of the human body to liberate toxins and fat cells.

The girdle is like a cast but is readjustable and can be removed or adjusted as many times as you wish. As you start losing inches you can adjust it until you achieve the desire results.

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The treatment lasts 2 weeks

The cast girdle approximately 4 months, it depends on the care, that means that you can use it again and again during that period of time. The Cast Girdle is manufactured with the highest quality standards and is the only one that contains 10 layers of plaster.

How can The Cast Girdle help to reduce inches?

Its reducing effect is due to the dehydrating of the dermis tissue as any cast, but simultaneously promoting reduction of the fat tissues due to immobilization of the area, and a good massage previous of using the Cast Girdle. You should also follow with a good healthy diet rich in fiber and drink a lot of water. In just a couple of weeks you could loose up to 4 inches.

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Specialize in Custom
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Mens Plaster Girdle

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